Privacy Policy

It’s important to us that you feel safe with how we handle your personal data. We at Prodacapo UK welcome the new data protection regulation, GDPR, which comes into force on May 25th 2018. The new regulation makes it clearer what rights you have as a customer, and what obligations we have as a company.

GDPR replaces country specific regulations regarding personal information. Much in the new regulation is the same as before, but GDPR puts higher demands on companies and focuses on the rights you have as a customer. You have the right to request information about the processing of your personal data and that you are entitled to contact us in case you no longer want to receive direct marketing from us.

At Prodacapo UK Group, we protect our customers’ privacy and always strive for a high level of data protection. We have focused on adapting our products, work processes and routines to ensure we are compliant to the new data protection regulation.

This work has, among other things, resulted in:

  • We sign data processor agreements in all projects where we may handle personal data on behalf of our customers
  • We updated our privacy policy, where we describe how we handle personal data, why we collect it and how we use it
  • Our products have undergone adjustments to ensure that they are compliant to the requirements of the new data protection regulation
  • Our internal processes have been adapted and improved, for example on how and when we delete personal data

We want to be open and clear on how we collect, process and share personal data. To learn more about how we treat your personal information, visit our website to read our Privacy Policy.