Our Close Partnering for PLICS team is dedicated to one goal. Ensuring value is gained from costing for all stakeholders.

Too often Patient Level Costing implementations fall short of delivering to their potential as internal resources and expertise gets stretched.

We already see increasing regulatory requirements diverting resource away from adding value to the Trust’s performance and cost-model improvements taking a back seat as the need to “just get it out there” increases. With key personnel having to focus on local specific issues and fire-fighting, rather than developing the model and improving the process and information for end users, there is little opportunity to improve or add new patient level data when appropriate and available.

By partnering with Prodacapo UK you get the insights and focused dedication from some of the most experienced PLICS consultants working in the NHS.

Key benefits

  • Best practice can be achieved without increasing the size of local teams
  • Those involved with costing can focus on working with and delivering value to the end users, not on the model building
  • The risks of breakdown and stagnation when someone leaves a small team, individuals change roles or contractors come to the end of their contract are removed
  • The costing system is guaranteed to be developed in line with current standards and requirements to ensure your approach to PLICS is as “future proof” as possible
  • Dependency on local Informatics resource is largely removed – you provide the data and we take ownership of processing this in the best possible way
  • You will be able to take advantage of collective development, reducing total cost of procuring specific days for specific tasks
  • You will have the opportunity to influence the development path and participate in continued development
  • You gain access to a benchmarking tool at an actionable level of detail with clients who have adopted a consistent approach