Delivering value from costing – how we can help

Costing itself needs to change. For too long, finance has held the responsibility for creating and distributing costing information. Clinicians and senior management hold the key to successful improvement delivery; they therefore must engage with the most reliable and detailed information available, use it to challenge their organisation and identify and implement the benefits PLICS has proven it can produce.

Our iterative approach ensures that this information reflects reality and will be reviewed and refined on an on going basis to ensure relevance.

Moving to a more effective and involving process which meets the key needs of your Trust by providing information and messaging that can be actioned, requires a single minded approach.

With our close partnering approach Trusts profit from a wide variety of benefits.

  • We have a team of costing experts, capable of covering all aspects of the costing process and the outputs required
  • We prioritise cost-model development to deliver information relevant to the key issues your Trust is facing
  • We bring automated best-practice routines and software to facilitate an effective and rapid period-update service
  • We provide a centralised and managed data process, ensuring continual development occurs without the need for Informatics support

You can exploit our collective expertise, gathered from a large and expanding client base with a range of developments, issues and requirements.

By doing so, you can learn from, and avoid the mistakes made by, others, create an efficient process and last but not least free up limited and valuable internal resource.