With ever increasing amounts of data and expectations from users of the information, NHS Trusts are under increasing pressure to deliver value from Patient Level Information and Costing Systems, both internally and externally.

For PLICS solutions to create confidence in the information they produce – and therefore provide real value – the data has to be both reliable and complete.

To get it right you need to know what you’re doing and have the will to persist until you get the information you want. In some cases, the limited resources and expertise available to Trusts can make the production of an effective PLICS model quite challenging.

We can help to supplement this limited resource by providing your Trust with our Close Partnering for PLICS approach.

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Prodacapo UK has been providing high quality Patient Level Costing support for over eight years and our consultants have been involved since the start, making them some of, if not the most experienced PLICS consultants you will find.

In that time, we have partnered with a number of NHS Trusts to deliver a more all-encompassing Patient Level Information and Costing System, along the way developing a strong reputation for effective and de-risked PLICS implementations, due to the experience and knowledge of our PLICS team.

With over 30 Patient Level Costing clients and a close working relationship with Monitor – including early involvement with the development of their costing strategy – we are best placed to ensure our clients produce the most effective PLICS solution possible, capable of providing the robust information required to monitor and improve performance.