Costing in the NHS – Rising to the challenge of achieving clinical engagement

Many Trusts have invested heavily in developing their approach to PLICS in anticipation of the many benefits that this will deliver. However, all too often they have struggled to achieve the desired level of clinical engagement which has frustrated the Executive Teams in many Trusts and caused PLICS to be perceived as failing to add value. In our view, nothing could be further from the truth.

This challenge is however very real and reflects the fact that good costing information, used in the right way, can lead to profound change, something that some might see as a huge and important opportunity but others may see as a threat to the status quo. Evidence also suggests that many in Finance also struggle to see how such costing information fits into their established “business as usual” day jobs.

In our experience, if such information is to be useful, it must be seen as both relevant and actionable to those that would use it. It is therefore essential that one recognises that there are a number of quite distinct and different audiences in an NHS Trust for such information, each with their own specific needs, and each with their own “hot buttons” that get them excited. To address this challenge we have worked closely with our NHS clients to develop a series of “role-based” analyses and reports in QlikView that have been tailored to the specific needs of these different audiences as is illustrated below: