Service Line Reporting is prescribed by Monitor as essential to well-informed management decision-making, providing the necessary data and information needed to undertake successful Service Line Management.

This allows a Trust to identify specialist areas and manage them as distinct operational units, enabling them to understand their performance and organise services that benefit patients and deliver efficiencies for the Trust.

The ability to understand the profitability of service lines is critical to winning clinical engagement. By analysing profitability, quantifying what drives cost and understanding the related physical activities carried out by staff, our solutions help Trusts to optimise performance, control costs, anticipate and quantify the effects of change and measure performance across the organisation.

Our Service Line Management System is a robust, proven management information system that facilitates all aspects of Service Line Reporting. Key features include:

  • Multi-dimensional Service Line insights.
  • Transparency of cost behaviour – linking Patient Care Pathways with Service Line Reporting.
  • The ability to slice-and-dice operational, cost and income information from Service Line level down to individual patient episode.
  • Credible, actionable information for both clinician and managers.
  • Easy integration with existing data sources.

Using this system allows Trusts to understand what is really driving performance at a strategic and at an operational level.