Prodacapo UK is the sole distributor of Prodacapo software in the UK & Ireland.

Prodacapo is an activity-based costing solution that enables your organisation to make better strategic and operational decisions to manage cost, increase profitability and improve operational efficiency.

Using a cause- and effect relationship it can show how customers consume products and services, which in turn is driven by activities and the resources utilised to conduct those activities. This provides a deeper understanding of how costs are consumed.

Working closely with customers, we have developed software solutions that help healthcare providers meet challenges such as providing high quality patient care with less resources and understanding the financial and operational impact of new payment models.

The Prodacapo PLICS Solution allows your organisation to view costs in a way you have almost certainly never seen them before. Typically, healthcare providers identify their cost solely by department. However, patients often utilise multiple departments during their treatments, making this hard to measure.

The Prodacapo software helps your organisation to track the costs per patient across the various activities performed in each department, enabling service line managers to identify the best solution to optimise the patient care process.

In addition, you can use the activity costs to calculate the cost per patient, diagnosis or procedure.

More information can be found on the Prodacapo website.