ADaPPT – Automated Data and Patient Profiling Tool

ADaPPT is our unique NHS Data Integration product that allows us to take information from a range of sources and prepare it for the specific input requirements of Prodacapo or QlikView.

Why Do You Need It?

Building up a single view of a patient episode is core to understanding Patient Level Costing, so a robust and effective model will require inputs from many unlinked data sources.

Carrying out this process manually is extremely complex and time consuming, whilst many other data integration software products require data in formats which cannot be effectively managed.

ADaPPT is different. It has the flexibility to handle a wide variety of datasets, enabling a seamless and error free data integration process.


  • Improved data quality and consistency
  • Faster and more efficient implementation
  • Frees up internal IT resources
  • Can be tailored to suit Trust specific needs